Zoltan & Tanja Vegel



Ministry Name:

Protestant Christian Fellowship of Sombor

Mailing Address:

Slavise Vajnera Cice E5/I/15
25000, Sombor

Ministry Description:

Zoltan and Tanja are married since 1998, have two children (Victoria & Anastazia) and are serving together in Sombor, Serbia, where Zoltan is a pastor of the church. He is in full time ministry since 1995 and his passion is promoting faith to people who don’t know Christ and disciple those who know Him and prepare the next generation of leaders!

We are situated in an area that has very strong Eastern Orthodox background, where people are bound by forms, traditions and superstition. In the same time there is very strong hedonism and low moral. Suicide and divorce rates are high as well as drug use among youth. The economy is practically collapsed.  People don’t have hope, and are very apathetic.

All this bad stuff can make things harder for us but it is actually great opportunity! Where there is great darkness light shines brighter!

We are often looked at as a sect that is trying to seduce them, abuse them, break their national identity. So, our approach is often, though not always, long-term. Our approach is to build bridges of friendship, tear down the walls of fear and prejudice so that they would be open to start hearing us about the gospel and that we could bring them the knowledge of the God who cares for them and gives hope!

Often our ministry is 3 steps forward and 2 steps back but we are confident and moving forward!
This is a spiritually very dark and hardened place but we know there are yet many here to hear the Gospel and to be saved!