March 14

Judges 9-12, Psalm 73

The history of our nation is being rewritten in our textbooks and retaught in our schools, along with the public sector. Though the statue of Christopher Columbus was planned on being removed from Columbus Circle in Manhatten, the mayor backed down after a backlash from Italian-American groups. However, the Christopher Columbus statue in San Jose, California is being removed. Currently, a large number of Confederate statues are being removed honoring individuals like Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, etc. With momentum on their side, there is a movement to remove statues of Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States. I have heard of individuals behind this stating that they don't want to stop here but move on to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. Like any nation, our leaders did good things for our nation, along with things which were not so good. We are no different and would be unable to withstand this level of public scrutiny. It has been said that when you point at others there are three fingers pointing back at ourselves. What is being done is our history is slowly and steadily being rewritten, and the uneducated populace is completely ignorant and unphased by it. There is a book recommended by Chuck Smith called, "The Light and the Glory", by Peter Marshall which describes our nation's founding and growing from those who worshiped and exalted God. This has already been completely removed from our history books and schools, often being twisted and mischaracterized.

Notice in Judges 11:12, Jephthah asks the king of Ammon a question, as we read, "What do you have against me, that you have come to fight against me in my land?" We see the king's response in 11:13, "Because Israel took away my land when they came up out of Egypt, from the Arnon as far as the Jabbok, and to the Jordan. Now therefore, restore those lands peaceably." Understand, when we read Jephthah's response, that he is not a scholar, but the son of a harlot who was the leader of a band of "worthless men" (Judges 11:3). In his response in 11:14-22, he precisely recants the history of their conflict quoting verbatim from both Numbers 21 and Deuteronomy 2. It's good to know your history. We see Jephthah's conclusion in Judges 11:23-24,27, "And now the Lord God of Israel has dispossessed the Amorites from before His people Israel; should you then possess it? Will you not possess whatever Chemosh your god gives you to possess? So whatever the Lord our God takes possession of before us, we will possess...Therefore I have not sinned against you, but you wronged me by fighting against me. May the Lord, the Judge, render judgment this day between the children of Israel and the people of Ammon." His response was strong, concise and unwavering, all because he accurately knew the facts behind the history of the conflict. Our memory verse this week from Judges 6:8, through a prophet also recants the nation's history, "Thus says the Lord God of Israel: 'I brought you up from Egypt and brought you out of the house of bondage;".

Aside from our nation's history being rewritten, we live in a nation which is largely Biblically ignorant and therefore unable to challenge groups that mischaracterize the Bible. Feminist groups claim that the Bible wrongly placed women in submission, without any understanding of the historical context. In those days, women were deemed property by other civilizations. The Bible elevated women to a level which was unprecedented and dignified them. Many falsely claim that the Bible supports slavery without any understanding of the difference between American slavery where people were taken against their will and forced into a lifetime of servitude and that spoken about in the Bible, in the law, which was a method of paying back one's debt for no longer than seven years. Those slaves had to be treated well and when the seven years were over, they could not be sent away empty-handed. Many mischaracterize and ridicule the law, not recognizing that when it was given it was a theocracy, not a monarchy or a government situation. God was the leader of His people and He gave laws to protect and preserve them. The law is in fact very good. Why is the entire Bible necessary to be studied? Because those who want to remain only in the New Testament have no way of truly defending the character of God and the beauty of God's fingerprint on the entirety of history. As we continue in the One Year Bible Challenge, if any have fallen off, please jump back on. Please ask friends and family to jump in and join us as we are about to enter next week the next phase of Israel's history: the kings and the prophets.

Messages from Pastor Lloyd Pulley:

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