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CURRENT PHASE – “Deploy” – Hurricane Sandy 1/11/2013. The CR (Committed Relief) kitchen trailer continues to be stationed in New Jersey

The disastrous results of “Superstorm Sandy” will not be going away for many months to come. It seems with the national elections, the battles in the Middle East, the fiscal cliff and now Christmas coming, all are pushing the awareness of the storm to the back burner. We ask that you continue to pray and seek ways to serve the people that are still so desperately hurting. The Lord is doing a great work and we are so grateful for the help of the churches, we pray that it will carry on. Below is an update from Lloyd Pulley and Chris McCarrick who are leading the Calvary Chapel Relief effort.

Calvary Chapel Relief Update – December 11, 2012

“All I want for Christmas is a floor.”

One man’s wish after Superstorm Sandy tells the story of many in the Northeast this Christmas, families who are no longer thinking about gifts and trees, but basic survival and recovery. Thanks to the work God is doing through Calvary Chapel Relief (CCR), this man and many others will get what they need most this Christmas – basic needs AND hope in Jesus Christ.

Teams have joined and continue to join CCR from throughout the country – from CA, FL, VA, NC, ME, MN,TN, PA, WA, NV, KS, and more. CCR is the body of Christ, working in ONE ACCORD to reach people that have been devastated by the storm.
Calvary Relief is working in hard-hit areas like Union Beach, Brick, Keyport, Point Pleasant, Sea Girt, and Toms River, and has recently expanded into other areas like Sayreville and the Barrier Islands (in the Seaside Heights Area). In the Barrier Islands, tremendous work awaits. Some homes have six feet of sand in them. Six feet of sand!!

God has opened many doors and begun to unify believers to reach the lost in these and other areas. CCR was privileged to work with a local pastor whose church was damaged through the storm, and to give him the ability to reach his own community for Christ!

Each night we are hearing stories of relationships formed, doors opened, and people opening up to God. We received this one report:

We met a single mom with 3 kids. The water had risen 10 feet in her house. Today was her first day of joy because we were there… because they had help. Three other groups had come by and no one was able to help her because of the type of damage. Her little 5-year-old kept asking, “Mommy how come nobody will help us?” We were able to bring that glimpse of hope, as well as a simple hug, some Christmas gifts, and a Bible since she had lost her Bible in the flood. She teared up while we were talking with her.

If you and your churches would like to join CCR in this ongoing work, you can learn details or sign up to send teams through

Specifically we have need for:

Teams – we especially need teams next week (the week of December 15th) and throughout January 2013. We can fit up to 50 people at a time at our base camp in Ocean Grove, NJ.

Supplies – we especially need power tools, hand tools, and Tyvex suits. For a complete list of needed supplies, visit

Financial Resources – we are using your gifts to purchase supplies, repair homes, and more.

Superstorm Sandy has given us an open door into our communities like no other, and has given us a chance to build more than houses. The body of Christ, through Calvary Chapel Relief, is building relationships to point the lost to Christ.

Please keep praying for us as we continue to bring the hope of Jesus to the hurting this Christmas season.

In Him,
Lloyd Pulley and Chris McCarrick