May 17

Nahum 1-3, Psalm 132

God is so patient.  This book is written approximately 150 years after Jonah reluctantly led a revival in Ninevah and 100 years before the prophecies were fulfilled.  What we see in this evil nation of Assyria should resonate with us personally and nationally.  Many have heard the concept: every movement starts with a man, which if not kept fresh and alive becomes a machine which over the course of time becomes a monument.  This was true of them, true of most places of worship now, and true of most nations now.  The walk of the Christian is a dynamic one.  Every day we decide to take a step closer or further away from God.  Every day we must decide whether we are truly going to give Him our heart with expectation or go through the motions and allow ourselves to come to Him devoid of emotion and desire.  Every day we have to decide whether we excitedly get to glorify Him or rotely have to do the things of God to be “good”.  No, we do not live in Assyria, but if we do not see this in our nation we are blind.  Our nation unfortunately is devoid of the morality it once stood for.  Our nation is guilty of aborting our unborn, every conceivable sexual deviance, pride, greed, and worst of all complete apathy toward God.  Many of our friends and family we consider good, though they have no love for the One true God.  In Romans 5:10, “For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son…”, we learn that we were and all of those around us who have not accepted Christ are not neutral, but His enemies. 

Reading through the entirety of Scripture is so important so that we do not mischaracterize God.  If we only stay in the Psalms and choice positive areas of the New Testament, we can look only to His mercy and grace and miss His fairness and justice.  All of God’s attributes are true and perfect.  He is patient, but can not ignore or overlook sin.  God is being patient now with the United States and with all of those we now know who do not belong to Him.  Our only hope is in revival, not a new political team, not a new charity, not a march.  Revival takes place in the heart.

This fierce, powerful nation with it’s 1200 towers, massive walls, chariots, etc was overtaken by the Babylonians in 612 BC.  As said in Nahum 2:6, a tremendous storm caused the Tigris river to flood and undermine it’s foundations to allow the opposing nations to enter and destroy them.  So total was their destruction as mentioned in this book, that Alexander the Great when he marched through the area in 330 BC saw no evidence of the once great city.  Many skeptics wondered whether Ninevah was even real, until archaeological digs in 1845 unearthed it’s remains.

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