June 16

Song of Solomon 5-8, Psalm 12

I have been a physician for a long time and have heard many things throughout the years, so it takes a lot to shock me anymore. The other day I was examining an 18 year old high school student who came in on birth control pills. When I asked whether she was in a relationship, she casually stated, “no”, that she talks to a lot of guys. I didn’t understand why that required the pill until she informed me that talking meant having casual sex. When I inquired further she told me that she was casually having sex at that time with 5-6 guys. When I told her that I was literally speechless and asked her why since sex was meant to be something special between one man and one woman, she said that I was old fashioned, and sex is no big deal. I have a patient in my practice for over 20 years, whom I have had the blessing of delivering three of four of her children. She has been my patient since a teen. She recently ended a one year affair with another man. When I first heard of it I counseled her strongly against this. She has ended it, but now finds her husband repulsive. I explained to her that when we said “I do” that it meant we said, “I don’t” to every other person. She does not feel the same way. Lastly, last week, though not my patient, one of my partners had a visit from our first transgender patient in our practice.

Though as we conclude the book of Song of Solomon and can read it as an allegory between Christ and His church, the bride; we shouldn’t overlook it’s obvious description as the strong bond of love between a wife with her husband. We read in Song of Solomon 6:3, “I am my beloved’s And my beloved is mine.” In 6:9, Solomon writes, “My dove, my perfect one, Is the only one…”. The intimacy shared between the married couple is one of the many beautiful gifts that God has showered on us, the object of His affection. Kept in the way He fashioned, it remains beautiful. Unfortunately, sex has been hijacked by Satan, the media, and the world as a whole into something it was never meant for. Television and the movies lifts up every other type of sexual relationship other than the one that God desires for us. Even many churches in an effort to be “relevant” have turned their backs on the clear exhortation from Scripture in defining marriage as between one man and one woman, and have begun marrying same sex couples.

As in every other area in life, the Bible serves as our template as to how God looks on a subject. Sex is no different. One of the reasons that the entirety of Scripture is so important, is that we see there are no loopholes, God is consistent from Genesis all the way to Revelation. We, His bride, must hold firm to His teachings and not assimilate with the culture that surrounds us, even if that makes our views unpopular.

Messages from Pastor Lloyd Pulley:

Aaron Salvato