July 31

Daniel 7-9, Psalm 57

Prophecy is God's signature and His fingerprint in the Bible. No other book of religion contains fulfilled prophecy. 25% of the Bible is prophecy with over half of it already fulfilled with pinpoint accuracy. Daniel, in particular is to the Old Testament, what Revelation is to the New Testament. In fact, without the book of Daniel it would be impossible to understand the book of Revelation. Unlike any other book in the Bible this book gives us clear prophecy which has already been fulfilled from the Babylonian Empire until the time of Jesus, then goes on to prophecy about end times. In fact in chapter 11 (tomorrow's reading) there are over 100 specific prophecies fulfilled in that one chapter.

Because of this and the proof this book gives for the truth of God's Word in Scripture, this book has come under more attack by skeptics than most others. Many skeptics claim because of it's accuracy that Daniel didn't truly author this book, but instead it was written later with one group claiming it being written around 170 BC and another group stating 50 AD, when in reality it was written by Daniel around 536 BC.  So how do we know that it is authentic and how are the skeptics silenced. Among the proofs are: 1) The Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures done by Hebrew Scribes) were compiled in 285 BC before these dates. 2) The Dead Sea Scrolls which were written starting in 150 BC contains the book of Daniel. 3) The Roman Historian, Josephus describes when Alexander the Great approached the city of Jerusalem approximately 330 BC, that one of the Jewish priests showed him the prophecy concerning him and the Greek empire in the book of Daniel and he chose to spare Jerusalem. 4) Ezekiel one of Daniel's contemporaries taken in the second wave of captivity in 597 BC mentions Daniel by name in Ezekiel 14:14 and places him in the same category as Noah and Job. 5) Most importantly, Jesus quotes Daniel and refers to him as a prophet in Matthew 24:15, something He would not have done if the book of Daniel was not true prophecy.

Daniel's prophecy contains very specific information about the coming empires. It predicts Persia becoming more powerful than the Medes in both the Bear prophecy in Da 7:5 and 8:3, naming them in Da 8:20. It speaks of Greece being swift with one leader abruptly becoming 4 in Da 7:6 and 8:8 and naming them in Da 8:21. It speaks clearly about the first coming of Jesus, even predicting His triumphant entry on Palm Sunday in Da 9:25-26. It also speaks clearly of the Antichrist, the Tribulation and Jesus' second coming. 

Notice Daniel's response in Daniel 9. Recognizing and believing in Jeremiah's 70 year prophecy in Jeremiah 25:11-12, he is moved to pour out his heart to God in prayer. Prophecy is not in the Bible to satisfy our curiosity but instead to prove to us that everything contained in Scripture is true and that those prophecies not yet fulfilled will be. What should this mean for us? Like Daniel as we see events unfolding now we should be moved to prayer. Also, with so many friends, family members, neighbors, etc still denying the reality of this Book and the truth behind Jesus, the Author and Finisher and only source of our salvation, may it propel us forward not knowing the exact time or hour to so many who will perish if they do not open their eyes and turn their hearts over to Jesus before it's too late.

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